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Help Burger Cat Get His 'Om Nom Nom' On

Help Burger Cat Get His 'Om Nom Nom' On

April 19, 2012
Burger Cat by Ravenous Games icon

Burger Cat ($0.99) by Ravenous Games has you helping a fat cat reach his delicious cheeseburger. As the Internet meme goes, “I can haz cheezburger?”

During a normal BBQ, Burger Cat decides to try adding a new ingredient to his delectable treats — nitroglycerin. Why? I’m not quite sure, but it results in a big explosion that sends the burgers flying, and it’s your job to help Burger Cat get his burgers again.

There are about 60 levels for you to help navigate him through, and each will have various obstacles that are in the way of the burger. Burger Cat will have various tools available at his disposal, with each have a special part in getting him to his tasty destination.

Burger Cat by Ravenous Games screenshot

There aren’t many controls in the game besides placing the tools and then hitting the “Play” button to watch him move forward. The tools must be placed in the exact right spot to help him navigate through the level.

Tools include a magic wand to place dirt blocks, a pickaxe to remove a block, trampolines to jump to higher levels, and even mouse decoys to make him turn around. There are more to discover once you progress through levels. Once the objects are placed in their proper places, just hit Play to watch Burger Cat go. He will only move forward by default, though he can climb up one block at a time.

The tools come in a limited quantity for each level, so that’s when the puzzle and strategy elements comes in. You will have to use the tool efficiently to ensure that the cat gets his “om nom nom” on.

I found it easy to place the objects on the screen, although my biggest gripe is the fact that there is no undo button. If you mess up on one tool, you will have to restart the level. Additionally, if the cat touches an obstacle or falls off the screen, you will have to restart as well. Having the option to undo would be great, because it is a bit tedious to remember exactly where you place everything each time you have to start over.

What I find odd though, is the fact that there are no points or stars to earn, even if you have tools left over. I suppose it is a good thing though, so that players aren’t stressed over getting the highest score or getting all three stars. However, at the same time, there seems to be no reward or incentive for using the least amount of tools.

Burger Cat by Ravenous Games screenshot

Despite no points or stars, Burger Cat does feature Game Center integration for achievements, which adds some replay value to it. The game does feature Retina ready graphics that look great, and the music is not bad, but it may get annoying after a while.

I was actually anticipating Burger Cat since I first heard about it, but it isn't really what I expected. Since Ravenous Games developed the awesome platforming hit, League of Evil and the sequel, I guess I was expecting more.

This game is still decent if you like the puzzle aspect of it, but don't expect something unforgettable such as the League of Evil series. You can have Burger Cat on your iPhone and iPad for $0.99.

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