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Cannon Cat Is Here To Save The Day

Cannon Cat Is Here To Save The Day

April 26, 2012
Cannon Cat by Loqheart icon

Cannon Cat (Free) by Loqheart has you firing a cat out of a cannon to rescue flying fish. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. It only makes sense since everyone loves cats in games (Burger Cat was also released a few weeks ago), right?

This time, you aren’t helping a cat find his delicious treats. No — you have to save the Skyfish from the Evil Emu. But how? Cats can’t fly (neither can fish, but still). This cat will take to the sky to save his friends by the aid of cannons that float in midair — yes, this game really defies all physics.

The game features cute graphics that look great on the Retina display of the iPhone and iPad. If you are a cat person (even in the slightest), then you should find our feline hero to be adorable — I sure did. The music is also pretty fun.

Cannon Cat by Loqheart screenshot

With the download, you get access to two areas: Kapalua Islands and Cedaria Reef. Each of these areas will contain 40 levels each, so there’s a lot to do. There is a third area, Stratos, but it is currently unavailable and just says “coming soon.”

Gameplay is quite simple — Cannon Cat will be dropped out of nowhere and into a cannon at the beginning of each level. Your job is to get him to the portal at the end to move on to the next level, but you have to collect the Skyfish and avoid all obstacles that may be in your path.

To fire him out of a cannon, just tap anywhere on the screen. Oh yeah — don’t miss your target and fall either. Luckily, cats have nine lives, right? Well, in the special case of Cannon Cat, he seems to have an infinite amount of lives.

I’m pretty sure you think it sounds simple, but this game is all about the timing. The cannons will be moving or rotating, so you will have to tap at exactly the right moment. The cannons also fire at a trajectory, and the fish will be in spots that will require you to get the timing just right, otherwise, you’ll end up in the next cannon, but you won’t have obtained that particular fish.

To add to the mix, there will be obstacles such as penguins that hover using propellers on their backs and even bouncy blowfish. Yeah, this game is definitely creative. Touching these obstacles will kill the cat, so be careful. Fortunately, there are some power-ups that you can use, such as shields, to get past tougher objects. You can get more power-ups with “Sparks,” the in-game currency that you get after completing a level.

Cannon Cat by Loqheart screenshot

There aren’t stars to obtain, but you are awarded points depending on how well you did. If you collect all of the Skyfish or are speedy in completing the level, you will get bonuses.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be Game Center integration, which is a shame. It would have been nice to be able to compare scores with friends and other players. Achievements would have been nice as well — perhaps we can see these in a future update.

I still found Cannon Cat to be fun game — it’s definitely quirky and creative, which deserves some attention. It may seem extremely simple, but it’s actually pretty challenging.

The game is free for your iPhone and iPad, so definitely give it a download. You have nothing to lose, and only flying fish and a cat to gain.

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