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Coign Of Vantage Reveals Itself On iOS

Coign Of Vantage Reveals Itself On iOS

April 3, 2012
Coign of Vantage by bobblebrook icon

Coign of Vantage ($0.99) by bobblebrook is a popular Flash game that has made its way to the App Store. It is pixelated puzzle fun that will both relax you and increase your brain’s activity. Watch as seemingly random cubes move together to form shapes and images.

Coign of Vantage by bobblebrook screenshot

The game starts with a shape, like a strawberry, in the upper-right corner of the screen and a smattering of cubes in the center of the screen. Players must swipe across the screen to move the cluster of cubes around. At the perfect angle, the mass of squares come together to form an image of the strawberry. When perfectly aligned, the puzzle has been solved and a new shape appears. Players start off with 45 seconds to solve as many puzzles as possible. Each time a puzzle is solved, 10 seconds are added to the clock. The longer it takes to solve a puzzle, the less time players have left to complete new ones.

There are 90 different puzzles, but they appear in random order so, sometimes you will see the same puzzle multiple times in a single game. Once a puzzle is “unlocked” it will appear in the gallery. After solving a particular puzzle a couple of times, it becomes easier to find the proper alignment angle.

There is another mode, called “Ten on Time” that is similar to the main game, but instead of starting off with 45 seconds and gaining time for each solved puzzle, players are given one-and-a-half minutes to solve 10 puzzles. The faster you can solve all 10 puzzles, the higher your score.

This is an entertaining game that plays very smoothly and looks great on the iPhone or iPad. The price is perfect for the simple puzzle challenges. There is not a lot to it, so some may consider it to be too simple, but fans of the Flash game will find the iOS version to be absolutely fantastic and well worth the money. There is a “lite” version if you want to try before you buy.

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