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Coin Gunner Brings Out The Cowboy In You

Coin Gunner Brings Out The Cowboy In You

April 9, 2012
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Coin Gunner ($2.99) by zaplab e.U. is an arcade-style shooting gallery game where you have to prove your skills with a six-shooter by hitting a moving target the size of a dime. How fast is your draw?

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The goal of this game is earning money. Coins, sheriff stars and horseshoes fly through the air and players must hit the moving targets within a limited amount of time to earn enough money to proceed to the next level. The more coins you hit in a row, the higher the multiplier.

There are two different types of coins, a bronze one the size of a quarter and a silver one the size of a dime. The bronze coins are worth $200 and the silver ones are worth $300. Hitting a run of the same type of coin without missing will increase the amount of money you earn up to a 10x multiplier. There are also sheriff stars worth $500 and horseshoes that will add two seconds to the clock.

To progress, players must earn enough money to unlock new levels. There are six regular level and a bonus seventh that can be unlocked by shooting all of the special gold coins. There are three gold coins on each level. There is a survival mode where the goal is to shoot all of the sheriff stars that appear on screen. Players have three misses before they lose.

This game is entertaining and easy to play. You don’t have to be an expert to hit the target. Coins fly by fairly slowly, giving players the chance to aim properly. The replay value is high since you earn money each time you play.

There are only seven levels including the bonus, so the fun ends pretty fast. The introductory price of $2.99 is too steep for a game that can be beat in less than two hours. I don’t know what the regular price is, but if the discounted launch price is three bucks, then anything higher is way overpriced.

While Coin Gunner is a load of fun, it is just too expensive. It is a great casual game with fantastic graphics, but any game that can be completed in less than two hours should not cost $2.99. The replay value is high, which is the only thing that makes it worth spending so much money on.

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