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Relax To Beautiful Music That You’ve Created Yourself With eDrops Nature

Relax To Beautiful Music That You’ve Created Yourself With eDrops Nature

April 10, 2012
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eDrops Nature ($0.99) by Noe Guerrero is an ambient sound creator that will relax you while making you feel like you’ve created a post-modern masterpiece. You don’t have to understand a lick of music to craft a beautiful song with this app.

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There are 10 different nature sounds along the Y axis and a sphere that drops at regular intervals on the X axis. Users add various sound samples like a piano or stringed instruments around on the XY grid and the spheres that drop will hit them, bounce off and make complimentary sounds that, when working together, make a relaxing ambient song.

The nature sounds, like waves, wind, fire, and rain are listed as numbers on the side of the screen. One sound can be selected on each side. For example, the user can select the sound of waves crashing on the left side and the sound of rain falling on the right side. The sound is triggered by the sphere dropping. When it passes the point on the axis that the sound is positioned, it will start.

There are two different piano sounds, two musical effects and two samples of stringed instruments. They are each approximately a second long. Select them from the sample tray at the bottom of the screen and move them around on the grid. Place them where ever you like and use as many copies of the same sounds as you like. Play around with placement and watch the sphere ricochet off of one and then another and another until you’ve made a complex combination of musical sound bites that form a song.

There are also modifiers that can be placed over the top of a nature sound, a music sample or the trigger sphere. There is a duplicator, an alternator and a mute on/off modifier. Place these over another sound button and see how it affects your song.

There is a way to save and load loops that you have created. However, the instructions are vague, at best and I was unable to figure out how to access that feature. The how-to guide is not particularly helpful in this app.

This is an extraordinary musical application that uses an XY grid to help you create songs. It has 10 different nature sounds that can be played in a variety of ways and six different music samples that, when triggered by the sphere in different places makes different sounds. The only thing wrong with this app is the, mostly useless, user guide. The remarkably cheap price of $0.99 makes it a great addition to anyone’s iDevice.

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