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In The Wall Presents A Rodent Endless Runner

In The Wall Presents A Rodent Endless Runner

April 11, 2012
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In The Wall (Free) by FuzzyPunch puts you in the role of a mouse running for its life. Play as Salt, Pepper, or Curry (really, you’re just selecting what color you want to use) as you run along a series of pipes.

Obstacles and bonuses alike will appear, and it’s up to your rodent reflexes to differentiate them in time.

In The Wall by FuzzyPunch screenshot

The controls just consist of a “spin” button on the left and jump on the right. Spinning isn’t as straightforward as you might think it is. Instead of turning in a circle, you will actually reverse which side of the pipe you are traveling on.

You’ll need to do this repeatedly to dodge the obstacles, such as mousetraps, live wires, and moldy cheese, as well as not banging your head against an intersection of pipes.

Jumping is obvious enough, though it’s not as forgiving as you may like it to be. The distance jumped is so short that you can’t afford to do it too early. If you can avoid an obstacle by spinning, that would be the ideal way to go.

Aside from the mouse speeding up the further you go, there is also the danger of where the bonuses are placed. Just about every one of them will appear adjacent to an obstacle. Just like jumping, careful timing is required.

Luckily when you die, the refresh button will throw you right back into the action. This is good, considering how many times you will die.

Game Center support will show you how your skills stack up against other players on the leaderboard. Sadly, there aren’t any achievements to be had.

This is an endless runner that is quite addictive. It’s a free download without any ads! Those looking to test their reflexes with a quick and easy game will appreciate playing this.

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