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Endless Gameplay, Customizations In Little Labyrinths

Endless Gameplay, Customizations In Little Labyrinths

April 19, 2012
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Little Labyrinths ($0.99) by ByteSize Games answers the old self-help question "Who moved my cheese?" This is your typical mouse running in a maze setup, though it doesn't need to be a mouse, and the mazes differ as well.

For example, you could be a pirate looking for a hunk of cheese on a deserted island.

Cheddar the mouse and Pirate Pete are the first of many characters provided for you to run around the mazes. Others include: Rick Rogue (get it?), Car 54, and the Flipship.

Little Labyrinths by ByteSize Games screenshot

Playing the game is done by simply dragging your finger along the path you'd like your character to travel.

He (or it) will be hot on your trail as you move your finger. It's good that they are quick runners because time is not on your side.

Bonuses are tucked in different parts of the maze, including an hourglass to give you more time, extra points, or coins for unlocking items in the store. Completing the maze before the green portion of the timer runs out will earn you a “quick solve.” This applies a bonus multiplier to your end score.

The best part is that the quick solve rewards become even bigger if you start getting them in a row from one level to the next.

“Classic” and “zen” are the two initial modes that are offered. The classic mode is simply the regular game, while zen mode eliminates the timer, scoring, and bonuses.

Get your guy from point A to B in however long you see fit. And if he wants to stop by point Q? No problem.

The developers also mention on the App Store site that they will release new content each month. Not a bad deal for only a buck.

This is a surprisingly addictive game that offers different customizations from the characters to the different mazes. The odd combinations possible add a humorous touch and keep the game feeling fresh.

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