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MacGuffin's Curse Features Comedy, Lycanthropy

MacGuffin's Curse Features Comedy, Lycanthropy

April 19, 2012

MacGuffin's Curse ($1.99) by Ayopa Games LLC is the best werewolf comedy puzzle-adventure available for iOS. In fact, it’s the only one.

Lucas MacGuffin is charged with stealing an amulet from a museum, things go terribly wrong. Not only does he get the amulet stuck around his neck, but it also manages to turn him into a werewolf.

At least he can switch back and forth from human to werewolf whenever he finds a patch of moonlight.


Gameplay takes place from an overhead view. Tap anywhere on the screen to move MacGuffin (though I found it’s easier if you keep you drag your finger near him to follow).

Coming upon certain objects will be able to trigger an action (such as using, speaking, or looking) by tapping the screen.

You’ll need to transform MacGuffin to meet the challenges of the puzzle. For example, lugging heavy batteries around is better done as a werewolf, where as only human hands can operate intricate control panels.

However, MacGuffin can’t just change on the fly. He’ll need to find moonlight in order to switch forms.

For the most part, getting MacGuffin through a level involves getting past a locked door.


A deadpan, Frasier-like phrase will appear each time the next level loads. “Reanimating dead pixels,” “applying unnecessary lens flare,” and “shushing audience” are just some of the witticisms. Plus, you’ll see a new phrase every time, even if you backtrack.

Two resources are available if you’re feeling lost in the level. The quest log will list what you’ve done and you need to do, while the walkie talkie will provide hints when you feel like you’re just chasing your tail.

The game saves left and right and also shows the percentage of your progress, so you can focus on playing the game rather than losing any information.

This is certainly a gem of a game with tongue-in-cheek humor, hand-drawn animation, and enjoyable gameplay. It’s a combination of comedy and lycanthropy.

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