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Propel Man Is Predicted To Propel To A Top Spot In The App Store

Propel Man Is Predicted To Propel To A Top Spot In The App Store

April 5, 2012
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Propel Man ($0.99) by Spiel Studios is a physics-based puzzle game that will blow you away with its creativity and upgradable features. Fly through 30 levels of stuntman spectacles with this entertaining new game.

Propel Man by Spiel Studios screenshot

The goal of the game is to reach the checkered line by catapulting Propel Man across the city. Before you start thinking this is just another rip off of Angry Birds, it’s not. While it is physics-based, it is not the same old fling-and-release game that we are all starting go tire of.

To get Propel Man across the goal line, players estimate the speed and height at which the catapult should be set. To set the catapult force, or speed, touch and hold the contraption. A meter with an arrow will appear. The arrow moves side-to-side between soft force and hard force. Let go when you think the arrow is pointing to the correct force. The next step is to set the catapult angle, or height. This is accomplished the same way as the force. Once they are set, Propel Man will skyrocket through the air. If the speed and height were set correctly, he will make it across the goal line and earn money for his stunt.

As levels progress, Propel Man gets paid for his work. Players can, and should, use that money to upgrade Propel Man’s suit and parachute, or to improve the performance of the catapult. Upgrades are not available until after the seventh level.

Once you’ve made it to level seven and have enough money to buy suit improvements, you’ll see that this game really takes flight. Instead of simply being a game of aiming and shooting, there are new obstacles and weapons and achievements.

This is a game that is sure to be a big hit in the App Store. It is fun, entertaining, challenging and addictive. Players can upgrade Propel Man to make for an even more interesting trip across the city sky. The price is just right for this game. Pick it up today so you can be one of the first to claim to have discovered what is sure to be a number one App Store game.

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