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Save The Furry Creatures From Dinosaurs In Run Run Die

Save The Furry Creatures From Dinosaurs In Run Run Die

April 15, 2012
Run Run Die! by Voltic icon

Run Run Die! ($0.99) by Voltic features a prehistoric world populated by dinosaurs and adorable, furry creatures who, unfortunately, have been set aflame. The key to survival? extinguishing the fire.

In each level, you will need to guide the furry flame balls to the water at the end of the stage where they can jump in and experience sweet relief, but to do so, you will have to negotiate a series of obstacles like spiked blocks, dynamite, and tyrannosauruses.

This is an endless runner, so your creature will continuously run forward in a flaming panic. Gameplay is one touch, and a tap on the screen will cause the creature to jump, which is how you avoid the death traps that fill each level.

Run Run Die is challenging right from the start, and even the tutorial levels will take some time to complete. There will be spiked blocks and dynamite to overcome before you’ve even mastered the jumping mechanic.

Run Run Die! by Voltic screenshot

I was a bit frustrated when I first started playing because I had no time to get used to the timing of jumps, and for that reason, I think this game will be intimidating to casual players. Tutorial levels should ease people into the gameplay without being immediately infuriating.

After the first six or seven levels, I did get the hang of it, though I still spent a lot of time replaying each level. There are spikes and dynamite everywhere, so perfectly timing your jumps is the single most important gameplay element.

There’s also an edit mode in the game, adding a new gaming aspect to the monotony of endlessly running forward and jumping over objects. In edit mode, which is activated on the left side of the screen, you can tap to make blocks solid, explode TNT, expand bridges, rotate blocks, and increase block size.

Run Run Die! by Voltic screenshot

You will need to perform these actions in order to finish some of the levels, but I’m not sure that the edit mode functions all that well, since it’s always clear what to do (there’s no puzzle solving), and it ends up just being extra tapping. It didn’t add much to the game for me, though it is a neat idea.

This game only has 35 levels, and each level is fairly short. I managed to play through a third of the game within ten minutes, though gameplay does get more difficult later on, which will take slightly more time. Run Run Die is in need of achievements or objectives to keep people challenged and interested in the gameplay, simply because the game is so limited.

Though it’s short, I’d still recommend Run Run Die for folks who are looking for a serious challenge. It’s a tough game and seasoned gamers will appreciate the difficulty level. It’s also got some great pixellated retro-style graphics (I love the dinosaurs!) and a fitting original soundtrack, making it worth the $0.99 purchase price.

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