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Win A Copy Of Space Survivors

Win A Copy Of Space Survivors

April 1, 2012
Space Survivors by Single Button icon

Space Survivors ($0.99) by Single Button puts the life of spacemen at your fingers. The spaceship they were traveling in has been compromised, and it’s up to you to help them find their way to the nearest emergency exit.

They won’t need to worry about walking instead of running because they’ve lost control of gravity.

Space Survivors by Single Button screenshot

Each of the levels will have an exit that the spacemen will need to reach. Three stars are also scattered about the level. You don’t need to pick them up on the way out the door, though you won’t get any achievements without them.

But standing in the way between your guys and freedom are spiked walls, holes in the hull that will suck them out to space, and little single-eyed aliens.

Moving the spacemen is done by dragging your finger by their sides. They will move in whichever direction you push them. If left alone, they’ll simply drift in zero gravity until acted on by some other force, such as the fans placed throughout the level.

By default the game is set to easy mode. Those who feel inclined to test his or her zero gravity skills can up the difficulty a notch to hard mode. In this mode the holes in the hull will pull stronger and in a wider area, and the fans will blow harder.

While the game is fun, the one major thing missing is the little importance the stars role is. Only those players who are intrinsically motivated to catch all the stars will feel it necessary to do so.

Not collecting the stars still allows you to finish the level and only hurts you in that you won’t get the achievement for getting all of them. Else wise, there is no penalty for being lazy.

Space Survivors by Single Button screenshot

As a word of caution, twice the app not only crashed while loading, but it also restarted my whole iPad. I’m not sure if my iPad was tapped on memory, or if the game caused it, though I’m leaning toward the game. It’s not really a dealbreaker, just annoying.

This is a fun physics-based game that is fun to get into. And if you see what you like, you can enter to win our giveaway!

GIVEAWAY: We have six codes for Space Survivors to giveaway to some lucky readers! Just sign in to Disqus and leave a comment on this post about what your favorite space-based movie is by Monday April 2, 8 p.m. EST. Well pick the winners randomly. Good luck!

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