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Can You Swipe And Tap At The Same Time? Test Your Multitasking Skills In Treasure Swipe And Win A Copy

Can You Swipe And Tap At The Same Time? Test Your Multitasking Skills In Treasure Swipe And Win A Copy

April 4, 2012
Treasure Swipe by Workinman icon

Treasure Swipe ($0.99) by Workinman is an arcade-style game with some treasure-hunting RPG elements. Picture Fruit Ninja, only with treasure instead of fruit, and add in some treasure-hungry rats and bats, and you’ve got Treasure Swipe.

This is a game that takes some skill to play. Can you pat your head and rub your belly at the same time? If so, you might just have what it takes to beat Treasure Swipe. It’s definitely a game of multitasking.

The game consists of three lanes, each of which can have a treasure in it, either in a chest, a locked chest, or a bag. To open chests, you need to swipe up and down, and to open bags, you need to swipe left and right, and often, you will need to complete these two tasks simultaneously while also tapping on treasure-seeking enemies to keep them at bay.

Treasure Swipe by Workinman screenshot

As a result, you’ll often be in a tapping and swiping frenzy trying to get the treasure before the creatures do. You’re also in a race against the clock, or mana bar, because when your mana runs out, it’s game over. Mana constantly drains, and the only way to replenish it is to hope for a mana bottle to drop.

Every treasure chest or bag contains gold, which you tap to pick up. The end of each wave will also reward you with gold, and your gold is used to purchase upgrades (such as increased mana, a sharper sword, or better lock picking skills) from the store between levels. You will also seek out other treasures as you progress through the levels.

Treasure Swipe is not a hard game, but finishing an entire wave before the timer runs out is a challenging task until you can afford some upgrades. For this reason, I think the game has a difficulty level that is just a bit too hard for casual players, especially when it comes to the boss fights. There were no instructions for the first boss fight, and I seem to just be swarmed with enemies before I can even tap them. I’m hoping for an update that slightly tweaks the difficulty of the beginning stage.

Treasure Swipe by Workinman screenshot

While I like the originality and the concept of Treasure Swipe, I had some serious issues with the implementation of the gestures. The game suggests multitouch swiping to clear treasure boxes at the same time, which I often did. Unfortunately, swiping coupled with tapping on enemies often initiated the iPad’s multitouch capabilities, bringing up the bottom task bar or switching programs, which continually exited me out of the game.

Reopening the game every two minutes quickly became frustrating, and even when I was careful with my swipes and taps, it still happened. I’d recommend turning off multitasking gestures while you play, which should help.

If you like casual games like Fruit Ninja but want more of a challenge, give Treasure Swipe a try. It’s not overly easy, and the non-stop action can be a lot of fun.

Guess what? We have one copy of Treasure Swipe to give to a lucky reader. Want to enter to win? Just leave a comment on this post by Friday, April 6th at 4 p.m. PST and you'll be automatically entered. Good luck!

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