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Trip Pages Helps You Capture Memories And Document Your Travels

Trip Pages Helps You Capture Memories And Document Your Travels

April 4, 2012
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Trip Pages ($1.99) by Studeo410 is a travel app that lets users keep track of where they are going and where they have been. Use it as a compass, speedometer, weather tracker and map, or just use it to capture and share your memories with friends.

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There is not a lot to this app. There is a nice compass feature, which is very helpful when trying to figure out where you are at and where you need to go. The compass uses magnetic North and true North so you can navigate more accurately. There is a speedometer and altimeter so you can find out how fast you are going (even while walking) and how high up in the mountains you are, or how low in Death Valley, if that is your preference.

The weather reader offers the temperature at your current location in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It also includes the day’s predicted highs and lows.

The camera feature lets travelers take photos from within the app and send them directly to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter or email. Photos can be stored in folders for convenient organization. For example, you could divide out your trip’s photos by date, event or location. Every time you take a picture, you can easily add captions and descriptions to add to the memory of that moment.

All of the things that this app can do are available in other ways. For example, the iPhone comes with a compass app and a map app. The iPhone’s internal camera works just fine for taking pictures and Facebook, Twitter and Dropbox all have free apps. However, what is nice about Trip Pages is that everything is all in one convenient location.

The app runs smoothly and its simple features are easy to use. It is a worthwhile app for documenting trips. The price tag of $1.99 is particularly steep for something so limited. It would benefit the developers greatly to cut the cost by half. For $0.99, it would be a good buy.

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