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Put Zombies Back In Their Graves In Undertaker

Put Zombies Back In Their Graves In Undertaker

April 6, 2012
Undertaker by Promineo Studios icon

Undertaker (Free) by Promineo Studios is like whack-a-mole, but with zombies. It looks like the dead just can’t stay dead. You play as an undertaker who hates to see his handiwork thrown back in his face.

Zombies will burst out the ground in random places. Put them back where they belong by whacking them with your trusty shovel. The more you kill, the higher your progress meter rises, which allows you to level up.

Not hitting the zombies not only means that you won’t level up, but you’ll also lose life the longer your wait.

Undertaker by Promineo Studios screenshot

Just make sure to watch out for the innocents. Yes, instead of zombies popping out of the ground, a criminal, an old man, and old woman will emerge as well. The criminal, I get, since he has a spoon and is presumably digging his way to freedom.

As for the old man and woman? I have no idea what they’re doing under the ground (and probably don’t want to know). Whatever the case, hitting any of them will deplete your life.

The game starts you at the novice level (your icon shows the undertaker wearing a baby bonnet), but leveling up means an increase in difficulty (and a change of hats). Share your zombie-bashing skills via Twitter or Facebook.

My only critique about the game is that it’d be nice to actually see the shovel you’re using to whack the zombies. It’d also be nice to see the zombies actually attacking in order to get a better idea of your life lowering. Else wise, it’s just a case of having life drained the more they stay above ground (which sounds suspiciously like a vampire).

This game is simple to get into, yet engaging enough to become addictive. For free, with no advertisements, you can’t beat it.

Teach those zombies a lesson by having them lay down and play dead.

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