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Raditaz And The Echo Nest Making Music Together

Raditaz And The Echo Nest Making Music Together

April 5, 2012
Raditaz, a player in the Internet radio market, today announced it has joined forces with The Echo Nest, the music intelligence platform to allow users to create better personalized Raditaz stations on the iPhone/iPod touch. In a move aimed at market leader Pandora Radio, the Raditaz/The Echo Nest partnership puts music personalization in the users’ hands, rather that at the mercy of an algorithm. In total, 14 million songs will now get The Echo Nest treatment. By partnering with The Echo Nest, Raditaz now lets its users enjoy better personalization than on other Internet radio platforms:
  • Users can create stations with up to 5 artists or 5 songs
  • Users can adjust artist and song popularity in order to refine their stations to meet their personal preferences
  • Users can now preview their stations to see which artists and songs will be included, and make tweaks based on personal preference
  Says Tom Brophy, Founder and CEO, Raditaz:
"This Echo Nest partnership is huge, and dramatically improves the quality of the music our users have access to, and their experience creating and listening to personalized music stations. This integration means higher-quality stations, with better targeting, and less repetition -- typically major areas of concern across the board with Internet radio platforms. We look forward to building and innovating even further with support from The Echo Nest."
Raditaz is the first geo-social music streaming service for mobile phones and the web, delivering music from the cloud to Android and iOS platforms. Raditaz allows users to create stations with up to 5 artists and 5 songs, to tag stations, share stations and songs, and discover music with its mapping technology. Powered by The Echo Nest's music intelligence platform, with over 14 million songs, users can create their own custom stations or listen to Raditaz's set of professionally curated stations. Headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts, The Echo Nest was originally the work of the MIT Media Lab. The company’s primary purpose is to provide music recommendation, playlist generation, acoustic analysis, music identification and data feeds to third-party developers. The free Raditaz app is available now in the App Store.

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