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Stabilize Your Video With The SLINGSHOT

Stabilize Your Video With The SLINGSHOT

April 6, 2012
Some things will never change: Tripods provide a camera with added stability and shooting video on our unsupported iPhones will be a little shaky no matter how hard we try to keep our movements smooth. The SLINGSHOT, a current Kickstarter project, aims to be a great, multi-function accessory that serves as both a tripod and a handle for your phone. If you can't see the embedded video above, please click here. Designed by Charles Waugh, a professional photographer, the SLINGSHOT is his solution to the problems that current smartphone stabilizers have. Its cradle is injection molded from acetal resin, which is extremely resilient - allowing it to bend without losing its original shape. It can accommodate any smartphone (with or without a case) and will provide a firm hold, thanks to over-molded rubber pads on the parts that will come into contact with your phone. The cradle, which features a 1/4-20 thread, can also twist off to be used on top of any tripod. When used with the handle, the SLINGSHOT attaches to a ball joint in the top of the handle. Of course, this allows you to adjust your phone to a variety of angles for shooting. The handle also features two pull-out legs that allow it to be used as a tabletop tripod, which makes the SLINGSHOT even more handy.

A pledge of just $14 will get you your own SLINGSHOT. If this project reaches its $20,000 goal by May 20, the units are expected to ship in June. You can count me in on this one, especially since it will be compatible with the next generation iPhone, which will (somehow) have an even better camera than the one in the iPhone 4S. To make a pledge, or to see more of the SLINGSHOT, visit Kickstarter. Will you back this project? I know I will.

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