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Super Meat Boy Heading To iOS Soon!

Super Meat Boy Heading To iOS Soon!

April 2, 2012
Team Meat, the developer behind indie classic game, Super Meat Boy, has always said that their title would never work on iOS. The team advised that a touch screen device would just not cut it for a game requiring such precision. Team Meat has, however, released some very exciting news for all fans of the game. If Super Meat Boy, in its current form, won't work on iOS they are just going to completely rebuild it, from the ground up, for iOS. Meet Super Meat Boy: The Game! If you aren't familiar with Super Meat Boy, check out this video from IGN, highlighting some of the more challenging levels of the game: If you are unable to view the video above, it is also available by clicking here. Team Meat has said that they have only just started work on the game and they are "sure a lot will change as development unfolds." They have, however, listed a few talking points about what the game is, and isn't:
What the game is:
  • A feature length touch controlled platformer SPECIFICALLY designed for Touch devices.
What the game isn't:
  • a shi**y port of an existing game with non tactile buttons spread all over the screen blocking the players view and making for frustrating controls.
  • the Super Meat Boy you're used to, there are aspects of Super Meat Boy in there, obviously, but this is a brand new game with new art, new sound, everything.
I'm a huge fan of the engaging, yet frustrating, original Super Meat Boy so I'm excited to see how Team Meat converts this for iOS. Are you as excited by this prospect as I am?