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The AppAdvice Comment Policy: Don't Be A Jerk

The AppAdvice Comment Policy: Don't Be A Jerk

April 6, 2012
We really love our community here at AppAdvice. We wouldn’t be anything without our readers. And the best part about this community is how active you guys are in the comments. We love seeing great discussion, debate, and laughs being shared by everyone. However, there are times that it gets out of hand. Although we won’t all always agree with each other, we still need to respect each other and each other’s opinions. So, we’re posting our comment policy so there isn’t any confusion.

Signing up with Disqus

You can create a free Disqus account here so that you can easily comment on AppAdvice articles. Alternatively, you can sign in to Disqus using Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, or OpenID. Currently, there is no way to sign up for a new Disqus account within our app, so for the first time only you must do so in a browser.

Comments and Community

Our goal is to maintain a community where readers feel free to express themselves, but we also recognize that some conversations following articles, photos, and other content on this site can descend into negative sniping and personal attacks. When this happens, we reserve the right to edit comments, delete comments, warn or ban users, or even close the comments on those pages. Though, we hope to never have to do any of this.

We encourage comments that:

  • are on topic and that respond to the content in the article
  • are responses to comments left by other readers
  • are brief and to the point
  • have a positive and/or constructive tone
  • are open to being contradicted by other readers
  • might disagree with the content in the article, but never insult the writer of the article, or other commenters

We discourage comments that:

  • are not on topic or are not responding to other comments or the content in the article
  • insult the writer of the article or other commenters
  • are excessively long or negative in tone

We will delete comments, without notice, that:

  • are abusive, harassing, threatening, or vulgar
  • are personal attacks: including name-calling or celebrations of another person’s misfortune
  • contain advertising or spam
  • are disruptive, including personal conversations better suited for private messaging
  We want everyone to be able to openly share their opinion in a constructive, on topic, and positive way. Let’s keep it civil, folks.

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