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The Brydge Bridges The Gap Between MacBook And iPad

The Brydge Bridges The Gap Between MacBook And iPad

April 26, 2012
Every now and then, a new product emerges that is essentially the same as something that already exists, but it stands out by being better. In 2001, Apple launched the original iPod. It wasn't the first digital music player, but it managed to raise the stakes and is still the most well-known device for listening to music. Today, we have the Brydge, new project on Kickstarter. It's definitely not the first keyboard case for iPad, but you can tell it's already making an impression. At the time of writing, the Brydge has managed to pull in nearly $74,000 of its $90,000 goal. That's impressive, considering it just launched yesterday. There are still 39 days to go before the Brydge gets funded and it looks like getting those remaining pledges won't be a problem. So what's all the fuss about? After you see this video, you'll know what:

Again, this isn't the first iPad keyboard case. However, when it's combined with an iPad, the Brydge looks like something we all know and love: The MacBook Air. The Brydge is constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and features the same finish as your iPad. Using a special, patent-pending hinge made from "metal alloys and magnets, with a thermoplastic elastomer shell," the Brydge uses friction and magnetism to provide a strong grip on your iPad. The full-size Bluetooth keyboard features special hotkeys that correspond to iPad functions. The Brydge can come with or without stereo speakers. If you're going to use something to make your iPad look like a laptop, you might as well go all the way, right? To make a pledge, or to get a better look at the Brydge, visit Kickstarter. A pledge of $170 will get you a Brydge without speakers, while its louder counterpart will set you back $210. Would you pick one of these up if you saw it in your local Apple Store?  

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