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Watch Out For Your Sweet Tooth In Chainsaw Princess

Watch Out For Your Sweet Tooth In Chainsaw Princess

April 23, 2012
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Chainsaw Princess ($1.99) by Brendan Hutchinson is a fast paced side-scrolling arcade game that will test your reflexes. So be ready and alert! This game is not made for the “just waking up after a long night” type. So, put your speedy fingers to the test and check this game out.

Remember the sweet little colorful trolls that you used to get out of the quarter machines? Well, they aren’t so sweet anymore.

Chainsaw Princess by Brendan Hutchinson screenshot

The used-to-be friendly trolls have switched sides and invaded the magical land of Magicandia. Exactly as the name states, it is full of magic and candy. Clever, right? The princess needs to escape, and she needs to do it fast. Instead of waiting to get rescued like most princesses, this brave lady grabs a chainsaw and begins on her adventure to escape. The trolls and other invaders might not be the most brutish opponents, but they can take down this princess rather easily. As the princess, you can jump, double-jump, and dash your way through the level collecting coins and slaying invaders. If you manage to run into an invader, she will die. You only get one life per game to beat your high score, so be quick and think smart.

The presentation of this game is rather fresh and builds up an appetite. The platforms you run across resemble a chocolate cupcake smothered in strawberry frosting. Oh, how I miss cupcakes from my birthdays as a child. The background will change throughout your journey. You will see big candy canes, lollipops, and other tasty treats.

Chainsaw Princess by Brendan Hutchinson screenshot

I can hear my stomach growling. Can you?

The soundtrack to this game is sweet. It’s an electro-pop song that gets you motivated to react fast. It fits the theme of the game without being too cheesy.

For the price tag of $1.99, I would say pass on this game for now though. If the price ever drops, it might then be worth the cost. The game is mostly for wasting time though.

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