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What Happened To WWDC 2012?

What Happened To WWDC 2012?

April 12, 2012
Like spring, developers (and customers) anxiously await the yearly arrival of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which since 2003 (save 2006) has been held each June. However, mid-way through April, Apple has yet to announce WWDC nor made tickets available to the popular event.

Apple, is there a problem?

In 2011, Apple announced on March 28 that the WWDC would be held from June 6-10 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Then, it took Apple just 12 hours to sell out the event, which cost participants $1,599. At last year’s event, Apple unveiled iOS 5.0. It was Steve Jobs’ final appearance at WWDC. As of today, we haven’t heard anything from Cupertino on when the conference will be held this year. I’m not saying WWDC isn’t going to happen this year. After all, it has been an important part of Apple’s yearly schedule going back to 1983, when the first conference was held in Monterey, California. In addition, WWDC has served as Apple’s launching pad for each new iPhone going back to 2007 (save the iPhone 4S launch last year will happened in October). What I am saying, however, is that it is getting a bit late in the game for Apple to invite participants and organize a June event.

What about the next iPhone?

We already know the Moscone Center is booked for a “corporate meeting” beginning June 11. Last month, we assumed Apple booked the venue for WWDC. But at this late date, perhaps Apple is planning something different. For example, Apple could be waiting until August for this year’s WWDC. After all, the company did just that in 2006, when the event was held from August 7-11. If that is the case, could we have the first sighting of the sixth generation iPhone in August? Do you think Apple is shifting WWDC outside of June? Stay tuned and keep checking Apple's official WWDC site. -- (Source for WWDC dates: Wikipedia)

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