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Win A Copy Of ArtStudio For iPad

Win A Copy Of ArtStudio For iPad

April 4, 2012
One very cool art-creation app, ArtStudio, has been updated to take full advantage of the new iPad's retina screen! I can't take any credit for the art in this article, but these masterpieces were created by real artists using ArtStudio. In addition to art creation, the app also brings some fun photo editing possibilities. From the developer:
New version adds supports of the new iPad's retina display, and increases max canvas size to 2048x2048. It also contains full set of beautiful icons/buttons/sliders designed for retina display. More news from Lucky Clan company: - we are working on a brand new version of ArtStudio, it will be faster, more flexible, with better quality, new design and interface, new features. We have rewritten whole source code from scratch, it was a lot of work, but new version will work 2-3 times faster, without any lag, and will give much better quality. Max number of layers will be limited only by RAM memory of the device, for example it can be about 30 layers for 1024x768 image on iPad 2. This is only part of new features, there will be much more. New ArtStudio should be ready in few months...
So, would you like to grace YOUR new iPad with a free copy of premium art app ArtStudio? Five lucky readers will win a copy. For your chance to win, simply comment below. Contest ends April 5, 9:00 a.m. EDT. You must be registered with a valid email address to win. Good luck! [gallery link="file"]

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