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Wreak Total Havoc In Burnout Crash

Wreak Total Havoc In Burnout Crash

April 14, 2012
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Burnout™ CRASH! ($4.99) by Electronic Arts brings out the inner demolition master in you. Every tool of mass destruction is now at your fingertips.

After releasing as an Xbox LIVE Arcade and PSN title in September of last year, Burnout Crash has finally landed in the App Store. Despite its console origins, this game feels as if it was born to be played with touch controls.

Burnout™ CRASH! by Electronic Arts screenshot

Your sole task in Burnout Crash is to cause as much destruction as you possibly can. Given that you have control of only one car to do this, things get a little tricky, but there is no limit to what you can destroy. The thing that I enjoy most about this game is that everything can be destroyed. Exploding cars and trucks get old after a while, but airplane hangars and capital buildings? Now that’s a different story.

Thanks to the intuitive touch controls it is easy enough to wreak havoc. At the start of the level you guide your vehicle down toward traffic, and after your first collision you go into a pinball mode of sorts. Basically, in this pinball mode the only way to maneuver your vehicle is by swiping and tapping around. In this manner, you must slam your vehicle into as much stuff as possible. Believe it or not, this is a whole lot more fun than it sounds.

Burnout™ CRASH! by Electronic Arts screenshot

To make things even better, the more destruction you cause, the more money you earn. Take this money to the garage and buy yourself a few new cars. In total there are seven cars to choose from, each of which handles a little differently and can be painted in a variety of colors. The amount of money you earn in a level also acts as a score which you can compare with your friends and competitors in the leaderboards.

Of course, Burnout Crash isn’t just about blatantly destroying arbitrary objects. Each of the 54 levels gives you a set of five objectives that range from earning a certain amount of money to blowing up key buildings (like the capital building). Also, you get extra points for triggering chain reactions or blowing things up in style. On top of this, you always want to be on the watch for "Super Features." Activating a Super Feature will unleash massive disasters like tornados and UFOs.

There really is no end to the fun in Burnout Crash. On top of its massive list of single player features, Burnout Crash even has a form of turn-based play where you challenge a friend to a one-on-one battle. Burnout Crash captures the true essence of rage and presents it in a way that makes it seem like pure joy. Although the play area does feel a bit cramped on an iPhone, I think it is safe to say that the game is rock solid overall. This is a unique experience that I’m sure you will find impossible not to enjoy.

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