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Yellow Pages Now Offering Free Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation

Yellow Pages Now Offering Free Turn-By-Turn Voice Navigation

April 19, 2012
Yellow Pages (free) has been available in the App Store since 2008 and has since provided a great way to search local business, read reviews on restaurants, check movie times, and provide all the features you'd expect from an app like this. Avantar LLC has provided consistent updates to improve the app, and Yellow Pages v4.4.1 brings a big change: free turn-by-turn voice navigation. Once you're done searching for a local business or restaurant, you can get immediate directions there and use the voice navigation to guide you. For no cost at all a talking GPS app isn't too bad. As stated in the app's release notes, more features of Yellow Pages include:
  • NEW: Free Turn-By-Turn Voice GPS Navigation (iPhone).
  • Tons of Ratings & Reviews.
  • Select restaurants include menus and reservations.
  • Save money with our Deal Section (iPhone/iPod).
  • Search with voice.
  • Movies: “Showtimes” integration includes trailers, descriptions, posters, ratings, driving direction, plot, etc (iPhone/iPod).
  • Location auto detect or custom location.
  • Results based on distance from you.
  • Add business info to your Contacts.
  • Share through Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS.
  • Mapping for every business.
  • Turn-by-turn voice navigation options if you have Navigon or TomTom apps already installed on your device.
  • Easy shortcuts for most commonly used search terms like Pizza, Auto Services, Doctors, Restaurants, etc.
  • When available, business:
  • Ratings
  • Descriptions
  • Logo
  • Website
  • More!
Yellow Pages is available for free in the App Store as a universal app. Will this be your new location-based GPS app of choice?

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