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A New Genre Of Racing Emerges In Slingshot Racing

A New Genre Of Racing Emerges In Slingshot Racing

May 24, 2012
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Slingshot Racing ($0.99) by Crescent Moon Games brings new meaning to the term “racing game.” Forget steering wheels and gas pedals, slingshots for the win!

Slingshot Racing is all about timing. Unlike other racing games, Slingshot Racing doesn’t give you a gas pedal. You must rely entirely on a grappling hook to slingshot your way around the track. In other words, lead foot drivers won’t stand a chance. Quick, precise taps are the name of the game.

Slingshot Racing by Crescent Moon Games screenshot

The biggest thing that Slingshot Racing brings to the table is its unique and intuitive controls. Put simply, you tap anywhere on the screen to launch the hook, and you lift your finger to release the hook. This method works so well and is so easy to pick up that it’s hard to believe no one has done it before (well, maybe someone has, but not like this).

One reason why the controls work so well is because of the clever level design. Each track has several pillars placed throughout that can be used to slingshot off of. The pillars are your only means of turning (other than ramming into walls), and how quickly you are able to take a corner depends on your timing. One thing to note is that there is a slight delay between when you lift your finger and when the hook is actually released. Of course, you’ll get used to the delay after a few tries.

Slingshot Racing by Crescent Moon Games screenshot

In all, Slingshot Racing offers 64 levels of increasing complexity. As you progress through the bundles of levels – known as tours – you will encounter various obstacles and helpful boosts. Things like snowmen sitting in the middle of the track, jumps, and speed boosters are commonplace in the later levels. All of this makes for an intense racing experience that doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Each level is scored on a three-bolt basis. A bolt is the equivalent of a star in other games, and you’ll need to earn a certain number of bolts to progress from one tour to the next. Depending on the type of race, bolts are earned in various ways. In timed lap races, the number of bolts you get is determined by your finish time. In a standard, four-man race, placing in the top three will earn you the corresponding number of bolts. Of course, you can always replay levels to earn a higher score.

To top things off, Slingshot Racing features a four player same device multiplayer mode (yes, this works even on the iPhone). Choose any map and race type, choose the number of players (you can choose to have bots or just get rid of extra players), and take your position. Each player is given a respective corner of the device to tap. So far I’m having a blast with the multiplayer, and I don’t think it will get old for a while.

Currently there is no option for online multiplayer, but there is always room for it in an update. On top of that, extra tours wouldn’t hurt either. All in all, Slingshot Racing is a gorgeous racing game for all to enjoy. No doubt you’ll be able to handle the controls, but can you handle the speed?

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