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Add Polaroid Digital Camera App To Your Arsenal Of Retro Photo Apps

Add Polaroid Digital Camera App To Your Arsenal Of Retro Photo Apps

May 13, 2012
Even with all the improvements made to the iPhone's camera since its initial launch, the popularity of vintage and retro photo filter apps continues to grow. The latest on the scene is Polaroid Digital Camera App. In addition to 15 built-in photo filters, Polaroid Digital Camera App allows you to create and save your own. The most recognizable feature of Polaroid's real, tangible instant film prints were their borders. Other than the classic longer-on-the-bottom border you're accustomed to seeing from Polaroid, the app also includes several other borders to frame your photos. Perhaps the best feature of Polaroid Digital Camera App is its live preview feature, which allows you to see how your filtered photos will look in realtime. The app fully supports iOS 5 and is Retina ready for both iPhone and iPad. Of course, you can share your photos via Facebook, Twitter, and email through the app as well. Polaroid Digital Camera  is available in the App Store for $0.99. Have you ever owned a Polaroid instant camera? I bought one in a thrift store a few years ago for a whopping six dollars. Shortly after, the film required disappeared from all the local shops. Needless to say, it was fun while it lasted. While apps like this are great, they don't really compare to the actual experience for me, but what do you think?

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