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Beautify Your Images With Photo Art

Beautify Your Images With Photo Art

May 14, 2012
The camera built into the iPhone 4S is undoubtedly a fine piece of hardware. The camera is capable of some pretty amazing things, but Photo Art, from Angry Pulse, is designed to help you make your iPhotography the best it can possibly be. Photo Art aims to provide all of the editing features of various other apps, all in a single package. Pictures can be loaded into Photo Art from your device's camera album or taken using the app itself. The list of included features in Photo Art are quite impressive. Some standard options such as exposure, saturation, contrast, and hue are included. According to the App Store description, the following features are also available:
  • Brush
  • Color Brush – two more brushes and Tolerance set-up option.
  • Correction – with Red Eye and Dots options – removing red eyes and unwanted dots.
  • Finger – wash off colors.
  • Clone Stamp – copy parts of photographs.
  • History Brush – 9 step history and cancellation of incorrect actions.
Photo Art also allows for "three dimensional transformations" of photographs which sounds like quite an odd inclusion, though certainly goes towards ensuring the app is pretty fully featured. Angry Pulse wants Photo Art to be "your favorite and irreplaceable helper in photo processing." I don't think anything currently available can draw me away from the fantastic SnapSeed, but Photo Art, with its low $0.99 price tag, certainly sounds like an interesting alternative.

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