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BlackBerry's Latest Campaign Will Put You To Sleep, Or Remind You Of Yoda

BlackBerry's Latest Campaign Will Put You To Sleep, Or Remind You Of Yoda

May 10, 2012
RIM is moving their bizarre “Wake Up. Be Bold.” campaign to a new level in the hopes of making BlackBerry relevant again. Just days after their “flash mobs” were exposed as phony, RIM is moving the promotion online and on bus stops. Containing a wordy message that is scrolled as if an advertisement for a seventh Star Wars movie, the “Wake Up” website is available at From there, visitors are encouraged to visit BlackBerry’s Australian website. The message, which is also showing up in public places such as transit stations, reads in part (emphasis ours):
Its time to mean business…you don't just think different…you do different; It’s a simple choice: You’re either here to leave your mark and eat opportunity for breakfast or you’re satisfied to just float through life like a cork in the stream. Wake Up. Be Bold.
Aimed squarely at regaining their lost business market, RIM is obviously using their longwinded pronouncement to rip Apple and their long-running Think Different campaign. They are also going after Apple’s consumer-friendly Photo Stream service, calling it a “cork in the stream.” Here's the entire message: Once the most popular provider of smartphones, RIM in recent years has struggled against the iPhone and products that use Google’s Android OS. While RIM’s campaign is unique, we’re pretty sure it isn’t enough to turn the tide. What are your thoughts? Could the “Wake Up. Be Bold.” campaign influence enough people to return to BlackBerry, or will it just sink? -- We thank reader Luke van Jager for alerting us to this news and for the photo above.

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