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Bring The Popcorn As Netflix Subscribers Shown Some Love In The App Store

Bring The Popcorn As Netflix Subscribers Shown Some Love In The App Store

May 31, 2012
The Netflix app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad has received an update. The universal app now includes a number of new features that are sure to please Netflix subscribers, according to the Netflix Blog. Netflix Version 2.2 includes a new scrub bar, which makes it easier to control your content. Here you’ll notice a surprisingly larger bar that helps you navigate through video content much more quickly. In addition, video thumbnails are now shown above your fingers, allowing you to move back and forth between specific scenes of your TV show or movie. Additionally, you can now rewind content 10 seconds at a time. For those with large fingers, you’ll be happy to know that the Netflix app now includes a larger volume controller. From here you can also turn on subtitles and/or change the language, where applicable. Finally, the app now includes a “do not share” option for those that sign into Facebook but wish to keep their video choices private and the ability to choose Wi-Fi as the only choice to stream video. This way you, or someone else in your household, can’t drain your 3G allowance without first getting a warning message. Are you happy about these additions? Is there something you wish Netflix would add to their app in a future update? Download the Netflix app today.

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