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Don't Be Afraid Of Heights In Chin Up

Don't Be Afraid Of Heights In Chin Up

May 23, 2012
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Chin Up (Free) by Touch Village Inc. is an exciting arcade game that will test your reflexes and take you to new heights. With simple mechanics, but challenging gameplay, this game becomes really addictive. Before you think this game is about training for the Olympics though, Chin Up does not involve anything to do with physical workouts.

This game is about a light-footed Asian construction worker named Mr. Chin. As Mr. Chin ascends upward on a construction beam, bizarre items such as sushi, rice bowls, cats, bottles, and more, begin pouring down on him.

Chin Up by Touch Village Inc. screenshot

See why the game is titled Chin Up? In case you don’t, let me give you a hint. Mr. Chin is moving upward. You’re welcome.

You will need to keep Mr. Chin balanced on the construction beam, while shifting him left to right to escape the falling objects. If he falls off the beam, you will lose and have to restart the level. In the bottom left corner, there is a bottle that represents Mr. Chin’s health. If this fully empties, by getting hit by falling objects, you will also lose. There is some help for your side though. You can collect power ups that range from balloons, that will save you when you fall off the beam, to shields that will help you defend against the falling objects.

You will travel to many worldwide construction sites ranging from the Great Wall of China, Vatican City, and even Paris. Consider it a free pass to travel the world. I wouldn’t pass up that opportunity.

Chin Up by Touch Village Inc. screenshot

Game Center is supported giving players the ability to unlock achievements and post their high scores. Go ahead and talk some trash.

This is a unique and exciting game that everyone should try. After all, it is completely free, which makes it even more awesome.

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