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Dragon Evolution: Become The Chuck Norris Of Dragons

Dragon Evolution: Become The Chuck Norris Of Dragons

May 24, 2012
Dragon Evolution by Nob Studio icon

Dragon Evolution ($1.99) by Nob Studio is a game that can require strategy even though the missions can be simple to complete. With RPG elements and auto-scrolling gameplay, this might be the perfect match for some people. The artistic background of this game is probably its best attribute, it’s unique, refreshing, and a pleasure to look at.

A few evil-hearted tribesmen have been stealing eggs from a dragon in exchange for food. The dragon needs to demolish this tribe and regain his precious eggs. Can you take control of the dragon and help him retrieve his eggs? We sure hope so! No one likes an irritable dragon of this size.

Dragon Evolution by Nob Studio screenshot

At the start of the game, you choose an evolution element (fire, water, acid, etc.) that will give you certain attack points. Each element will also change the appearance of the dragon, as well as his skill and stat points.

Then you jump into the first of nine years in your quest to find the stolen eggs. Consider yourself a world traveler because you will vacation in nine different locations all over the globe. You will need to fight off the tribe’s men and its other defenses by using certain attack skills. Over the course of time, like in any RPG, you will gain new attacks. You will be able to breathe fire, attack from the sky, spawn baby dragons, and more!

Missions are also another way to stay addicted to this game. There are more than 80 missions for you to complete, which in turn increases your score multiplier.

Dragon Evolution by Nob Studio screenshot

The presentation is unique and awesome. The artwork is the selling point of this game though. It’s smooth, it works well with the game, and the soundtrack is a lot of fun as well. The colors are vibrant and really pop out.

Make sure to check out this game and its artistic presentation when you can. It’s refreshing and worth a try. Pick it up from the App Store today.

What’s your favorite evolution element? Acid is my preferred choice.

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