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Dynamite Jack: Death Becomes Him

Dynamite Jack: Death Becomes Him

May 1, 2012
A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about Galcon creator Phil Hassey's new game Dynamite Jack. I've been following the development of the game closely, and recently noticed an interesting blog post from the developer. In the post, Hassey comments that his friend Mike Kasprzak suggested: "... the deaths [in the game] didn't have enough emotional impact." In an effort to rectify this, the developer looked to Sierra On-line's classic title Space Quest for inspiration.  The following video shows you the changes that have been made: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available by clicking here. Hassey also stated that, after adding the exuberant death sequences, he felt they may be a bit over the top for his game. To ensure players are not put off by this, the death sequences can be toggled off. While working your way through the game you will find yourself dying a lot. To ensure the death animations don't get tedious, they have been kept very short. The developer hopes this will keep the "... flow and rhythm moving at a nice fast pace." Dynamite Jack is shaping up to be a great, yet manic title. It will be released on the Mac and PC later this month. The iOS version will, hopefully, follow shortly after. Keep your eyes on AppAdvice for all the latest news as we have it.

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