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Fotor - Camerabag: Easy Photography With Great Results

Fotor - Camerabag: Easy Photography With Great Results

May 18, 2012
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Fotor - CameraBag ($1.99) by Everimaging Ltd is an app that will turn your ordinary photos into amazing works of art. You might be an average photographer now, but with this handy app, you'll feel like a professional. So, go ahead and walk with your head high.

Snap your camera! Do it fast! You can do it all by yourself!

This photography app has everything you need in one little package. Want to create an exciting collage with an array of different photos? You can do it. Want to have an enhanced camera with burst shots, a timer, HDR, gridlines, and a stabilizer? You got it. Not only is this camera more enhanced than the native one, but it also includes better photo editing tools to complete your masterpiece.

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With over 75 different effects and filters that can be applied to a photo, you will never run out of creative ideas. No two pictures will ever be alike. You can make a picture black and white, sepia, vintage, cartoon, analog, and more!

Color splash is another exciting editing tool to use. Make a photo black and white, but keep the color of a certain part of the picture always looks awesome. One thing that I didn’t like when editing with color splash was that there didn’t seem to be an undo option. So, you’ll have to pull out the eraser to get rid of mistakes. It’s a slight nuisance.

Now, readers will say that this sounds like many other apps in the App Store and they are correct. The difference is that I prefer this interface over the other alternatives.

Fotor - CameraBag by Everimaging Ltd screenshot

When you’re done editing your photo, you can share it with one touch to Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, and email. You can send it to your native camera roll as well, in case you’d like to send it via text message.

If you want a simple, yet powerful photography app, then you’ll want to try this one out. It’s similar to other photo apps, but the interface is what sets it apart.

What’s your favorite photography app?

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