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Futulele Is Finally Available In The App Store

Futulele Is Finally Available In The App Store

May 29, 2012
You may recall an article in March introducing the mobile ukulele synthesizer Futulele. I have some good news for all of you budding musicians, because Futulele is now finally available. While there are other ukulele apps available, none can quite compete with Futulele's impeccable design. The app really shines thanks to its unique playing modes. The first option allows you to play the instrument on your iPad, much like you would with Apple's GarageBand. The second option is where things start to get interesting. This allows you to connect your iPad to your iPhone, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Your iPhone is then used to change cords, while you continue to strum on your iPad. When it was first introduced in March, there was talk of a special case being created to house both the iPad and iPhone to make using Futulele easier, though this has so far failed to materialize. Futulele is available now for $4.99. The remote app is, at the time of writing, still absent however. Amidio, the developer of Futulele, has released a short, yet impressive, video of their app in action. The video features an excellent cover of Jason Mraz's song "I'm Yours." If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is available by clicking here. What do you think of Futulele? Does it do enough to draw you away from GarageBand?

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