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Grab Stills From Your Videos With StillShot

Grab Stills From Your Videos With StillShot

May 14, 2012
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StillShot ($0.99) by Macadamia Apps from the makers of GroupShot is a new iPhone photo app with one specific function: capturing a single frame from a video. Have you ever gone to snap a photo and accidentally toggled on the video instead? Or, have you ever been unable to choose whether you want to shoot video or take a still photo? StillShot is here to help.

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The app is simple to use. Open the app and choose the video of your choice from your photo library. Hit the play button to get to the section of video you want to pull from, or tap on the section of film you want to examine more closely. Once you’re in roughly the right area, you can swipe frame by frame to find just the right one. When you find that perfect shot, tap “Save,” and that frame will be saved to your camera roll as a photo. You will also have the option to share the photo directly to Twitter or Facebook. It’s just that simple!

As you can see from my demo video, I just got a new puppy. Puppies are notoriously hard to photograph, because they are a perpetual blur of motion. Thanks to StillShot, I was able to get a number of photographs from this clip. Now, do keep in mind that the stills I got on my iPhone 4 were only 720 x 1280 pixels, as opposed to the 2592 x 1936 pixels I could get if I had just taken a still photo. So, the photos you would get from using this app are the maximum resolution you could get from a video still, but not nearly as high as you’d get from taking a photograph the regular way. The app isn’t magic, but it does do exactly what it claims and it literally could not be easier to use.

I wouldn’t use this app instead of my iPhone’s still camera for everyday use. But in those situations where you missed “that perfect shot” because you were taking video instead, StillShot will come to your rescue.

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