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Hang Out With Mr. Potino

Hang Out With Mr. Potino

May 21, 2012
Mr. Potino by Mixel S.c.a.r.l. icon

Mr. Potino ($0.99) by Mixel S.c.a.r.l. is an exciting game choice for word lovers and trivia fans. This game is very similar to Hangman, but has a few minor differences. The best part about this game is that it’s a learning experience while you’re having fun. So, grab that dusty dictionary of yours off the shelf and indulge in this game.

Do you know what "chymosin" means? Me either, but this game does!

Mr. Potino by Mixel S.c.a.r.l. screenshot

Mr. Potino is an amusing marionette and guess who controls his movements? That’s right, you do! He’s a lot of fun and is controlled by the accelerometer in your iOS device. To move his limbs, just drag the strings connected to him and watch the little guy dance. Not only does Mr. Potino move by the accelerometer, but the whole menu interface reacts to it as well. It’s a nice touch to the presentation aspect of the game.

This is basically Hangman, but with a marionette instead of a skeleton. You are given several blanks that represent a word that you need to fill in. Repeatedly guess new letters to solve the hidden word. There are no penalties for choosing vowels over consonants.

The object is to get the word solved in the smallest number wrong guesses. If you guess a letter than is not included in the word, Mr. Potino will lose a limb. If he loses all of his limbs, the word will be shown and you will lose that round. If you succeed in guessing the word correctly, you will receive a star for each limb still attached. These stars are used to purchase new outfits and accessories for Mr. Potino.

Mr. Potino by Mixel S.c.a.r.l. screenshot

When enough stars are earned and he is fully dressed, Mr. Potino will be ready for the red carpet. No autographs or pictures please!

The game has over 50,000 words and includes a dictionary that will explain what the specific word means in just a tap. See, you can learn something from video games.

This exciting twist to the classic game of Hangman provides excitement and learning. If you’re a word lover, make sure to get this game from the App Store today.

What crazy words did Mr. Potino throw at you?

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