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Help The Sheep Escape The Toy Box In Sheep Up!

Help The Sheep Escape The Toy Box In Sheep Up!

May 16, 2012
Sheep Up! by Bad Seed Entertainment icon

Sheep Up! ($0.99) by Bad Seed Entertainment is an awesome physics based game that has a unique story and gameplay. It’s an easy game to pick up and learn, but it’ll take you a lot of practice to truly master. So, after you’re done reading this review, you’ll want to purchase this game and start playing.

Generally speaking, a sheep is the mascot for sleep, but in this game you’ll want to make sure you’re awake to react quickly.

You awake?

Sheep Up! by Bad Seed Entertainment screenshot

A tiny sheep has been thrown into an old cardboard toy box, that’ll probably never be touched again. For the sake of this review, I named him Bobby (pronounced Bahhhhh-by) because it is cleverly well suited to him. Instead of letting Bobby collect dust under a pile of other old toys, you need to help him escape! He needs his freedom, so help him quickly.

This all just reminds me of "Toy Story 3." I wanted to be Woody when I grew up. Lets just say I fell short.

Throughout his adventure escaping the cardboard box, you will need to tilt your device to keep Bobby on the platforms as he bounces upward. If he falls from the platforms, he will lose a life, and you’re only given three per level. What makes this game challenging is that you will encounter many different gameplay mechanics. Having to bounce on certain platforms in a musical sequence, gathering keys to unlock new platforms, and destroying bosses at the end of each level makes it an addictive game. Watch out for falling platforms, as they will end your life very quickly.

Sheep Up! by Bad Seed Entertainment screenshot

The only downfall (no pun intended) to this game is that it is rather short. Only 20 standard levels are available and each of them only takes a maximum of four minutes to complete. Hopefully more levels will be created in the future.

Still awake?

Although the game is short, it doesn’t take away from the excitement. I recommend you go purchase this from the App Store right now. It’s a perfect treat for all ages.

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