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Updated: Apple Censors The Word Jailbreak In iTunes

Updated: Apple Censors The Word Jailbreak In iTunes

May 17, 2012
There are a number of words in the English language that aren’t exactly family-friendly. Is one of those "jailbreak?" Apple seems to think so, according to On Apple's Cupertino, California campus, we're pretty sure the words jailbreak, Google, and Android aren't held in highest regard. However, that disdain has now apparently extended to the iTunes Store. For months probably, the word jailbreak has been censored from the entire store. And probably not in the places you'd expect. Take a look, for example, at Thin Lizzy’s album, "Jailbreak (Deluxe Edition)." First published in 1976, the album contains three songs that include the word jailbreak in their titles. These include “Jailbreak,” “Jailbreak (Remix)," and “Jailbreak (BBC Session 12/02/96)." In iTunes, however, these titles are missing. Instead, each is listed as “j*******k.” The Web address for the album is also edited. It is located at*******k-deluxe-edition/id417123459. To prove this must be intentional, we purchased the song "J********" for $1.29. Once in our iTunes library, the song was correctly named “Jailbreak.” In Genius, it remained censored. Strangely, Thin Lizzy’s non-deluxe album, called simply "Jailbreak," is not edited.

Apple Is Censoring The Word Jailbreak

Apple hates the word jailbreak

Beyond Music

Apple’s censorship extends beyond music. Doing a search in iTunes for "jailbreak" shows material for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, TV episodes, and even podcasts. In each instance, the word jailbreak is replaced by j*******k. In other words, except for Thin Lizzy’s original “Jailbreak” album, all instances of the word jailbreak are censored. Jail break (two words), meanwhile is not edited. Apple doesn’t approve jailbreak apps. Besides, we're pretty sure Thin Lizzy wasn’t thinking about jailbreaking an iPhone nearly four decades ago when they named their album. Therefore, we see absolutely no reason for Apple to act in this manner. What’s next, G*****e and A******d? Do you think this is justified? Updated: Apple is in the process of uncensoring the content, per Cult Of Mac. Source: Photo: Macsorro

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