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Memorize The Patterns And Play Matchmaker In Tiamat

Memorize The Patterns And Play Matchmaker In Tiamat

May 25, 2012
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Tiamat ($1.99) by Big Rock Games LLC is an awesome puzzle game that will challenge your hand-eye coordination as well as your memory. It’s a simple game to learn, but because of how fun it is, I haven't been able to put it down. But I'll stop playing for a moment, so I can tell you all about it.

When I first looked at the App Store description of this game, I was a little hesitant to actually play it. It didn't appear to be all that exciting. I took the plunge, though, and decided to download it.

Tiamat by Big Rock Games LLC screenshot

A string of 12 balls is shown as they roll out of the holding area. Each of the balls is represented with a color and a symbol. Each ball has its matching ball somewhere within the string of 12. Your job is to match the balls by tapping them, which will clear them from the string. Once all of the 12 balls have been matched and cleared, a new set will roll out.

There's a catch though: The balls turn to stone, hiding their color after all 12 are shown. You will need to memorize the pattern to match them correctly. There is also a time limit bar and, if it runs out, you will lose the level.

Tiamat by Big Rock Games LLC screenshot

You can gain power ups such as stopping the balls for a period of time, having a match revealed, or a time boost.

With over 50 standard levels, you will have no problem spending hours with this game. It's worth the price!

The game is addictive and really a joy to play. It will boost your memorization skills and give you something to do when you need a break from life. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some more matching to do.

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