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MoneyWiz Now Available For On The Mac Too

MoneyWiz Now Available For On The Mac Too

May 11, 2012
MoneyWiz, one of the most popular financial apps for iOS, is now able for the Mac. The $19.99 application arrived this week in the Mac App Store. Created by SilverWiz, MoneyWiz – Personal Finance offers an all-in-one money management solution that easily syncs with the company’s iPhone/iPod touch and iPad apps. It does so using Sync Everything, MoneyWiz’s own unique cloud syncing service. In doing so, there is automatic and immediate synchronization. When you do something on one device, the change will be shown on the others within seconds. Plus, Sync Everything is optimized for less data traffic and is totally secure, according to the MoneyWiz website. Full application features include:
ACCOUNTS: Put all your accounts in one place. It's the best way to keep your money organized.BUDGETS: Set budgets and pay down your debt. MoneyWiz will monitor the budgets for you, and let you know when something's about to go wrong. BILLS: Never miss a bill again. MoneyWiz will remind you for any scheduled transactions that are due to be paid. REPORTS: Thorough reports with beautiful interactive charts will show you everything you need to know about your money. SYNC: Keeping data consistent across multiple devices has never been easier. MoneyWiz has it's own unique cloud syncing service, called Sync Everything!
MoneyWiz – Personal Finance is available in the Mac App Store. MoneyWiz – Personal Finance (for iPhone) ($4.99) and MoneyWiz – Personal Finance for iPad ($4.99) are available in the App Store.

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