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Oh, Snap! Hipstamatic Launches Monthly Magazine

Oh, Snap! Hipstamatic Launches Monthly Magazine

May 31, 2012
Since it first arrived for iPhone/iPod touch in 2009, Hipstamatic has been the go-to app for creating beautiful photos using hundreds of different effects. Now the folks behind the app, Synthetic, have introduced Snap, a new monthly magazine available now for Newsstand. Called a “monthly snapshot of the world through the lens of Hipstamatic,” Snap Magazine is geared for the more artistic type of photographer. Best of all, each issue is absolutely free. In addition to providing a healthy dose of vintage-style photography from Hipstamatic users, Snap explores lifestyle and culture, as well as popular trends. In its first issue, Snap includes articles on Eric Victorino and his use of the Internet for creative expression, how to make a "bangin" mix tape, and San Francisco's "tattoo royalty," and more.

Make Beautiful

Along with Snap, Synthetic today launched Make Beautiful, a new gateway that will help photographers get their work featured in Snap. According to Fast Company, Make Beautiful streams users’ #makebeautiful photos from Instagram and Twitter. Eventually some of these photos may be published in Snap. Additionally, Make Beautiful offers downloadable files of Hipstamatic artwork that can be used by others for their own projects. For example, this content could be used for a custom desktop and/or a T-shirt. Snap Magazine and Make Beautiful both look promising for both current and future Hipstamatic fans. It will be interesting to see just how popular both projects become going forward. Download Snap Magazine and Hipstamatic ($1.99) in the App Store today.

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