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Plushy Warfare: Become Rambo Bear

Plushy Warfare: Become Rambo Bear

May 7, 2012
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Plushy Warfare ($0.99) by Level Plus Game Studio is a game where all hell has broken loose. Those lovable plush-bears that every child has slept with at night are at war - against each other. I still sleep with my bear even as an adult. That's socially acceptable, right?

Plushy Warfare is basically Call of Duty, but with furry villains instead of humans. It's a unique approach to say the least. To get you started, there are three offline available game modes to choose from. Plushy Strike (full on war has been established), Oh My Honey (protect your honey at all costs from the burglarizing plushies), or The Walking Bear (take on wave after wave of evil zombie bears).

Plushy Warfare by Level Plus Game Studio screenshot

See the Call of Duty references? Please respond loud and clear with "Yes Sir!" or you'll be doing pushups.

The gameplay is not as smooth as I had hoped for. The dual-stick controls tend to get stuck a lot, forcing you to readjust your thumbs. The game automatically shoots for you, so wherever you're looking, that's where the bullets will go. To reload, simply shake your device.

This game has a bunch of new weapons and items that can be purchased from the store. The handgun you start off the game with is just too weak to really do any furry damage. So, go purchase an Uzi or a shotgun. I promise you'll thank me. You can also customize your plushy and buy him or her accessories to create the ultimate "Rambo Bear."

Plushy Warfare by Level Plus Game Studio screenshot

This game has a lot of potential with the multiplayer game modes. You can either fight against three friends in a deathmatch style free-for-all or join a friend to take on waves of zombie bears. The problem is that a few of us AppAdvice employees tried countless times to start a game, but it would not connect. What a bummer!

With that being said, the single-player modes of this game are not all that addictive. If the multiplayer were to work correctly, I'd recommend buying this game. So, "bear" with the developers and wait on purchasing this game until an update fixes the multiplayer issue.

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