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Product Review: Booq Folio

Product Review: Booq Folio

June 1, 2012
As far as iPad cases go, once you've seen one, you've basically seen them all. Arguably the most popular form of iPad protection is the folio-style case. These cases typically offer full protection of your iPad, while also doubling as a stand. We've gotten a chance to test yet another folio case for iPad, Booq's aptly named Folio ($49.95). The Folio, like other folio cases, provides full protection of your iPad (2 and new). Its front cover can be folded on itself to be used as a stand for both typing and display. That being said, is there anything that makes Booq's Folio stand out from the rest?

The Good

I typically dislike iDevice cases that take away from the designs that the boys in Cupertino worked so hard on, but the Folio managed to dodge my bias. The case fits the iPad well, and unlike other folio cases that cover the iPad's bezel, the Folio leaves enough of it exposed to ensure unhindered swiping. The Folio's jute exterior (similar to canvas) provides an almost cozy look to the iPad and is very comfortable to hold. The suede material lining the inside of the front cover fairs well against dust, unlike other suede or microfiber-lined cases.

The Bad

Sometimes you need to close the Folio just right to utilize the auto-sleep function. Despite the cover's alignment appearing to be spot on, my iPad failed to sleep more than a handful of times after closing the cover. Of course, the sleep button, as well as all the other buttons and ports, are unobstructed. Taking the extra second to manually lock my iPad wasn't a big deal. This is a completely personal peeve, but I would have preferred the Folio didn't have a big Booq tag on the top. The Folio can camouflage pretty well with anything else you might throw in a bag or backpack, but the tag gives it away. Admittedly, the tag isn't that big. I'm just nitpicking.


Booq's Folio case is worth its $49.95 price tag, in my opinion. While you can get similar cases for even half the price, the Folio stands out by being the perfect blend of fashion and function. The Folio feels surprisingly natural to use with the iPad, and just so happens to look pretty darn good. For more information and color options, visit Booq. What types of iPad cases do you use? Are you a folio person? Or, is a Smart Cover good enough for your needs?

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