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Product Review: Incipio iPad Folio Cases

Product Review: Incipio iPad Folio Cases

May 9, 2012
Are you still on the search for the best case for your new iPad? We know the search is hard with all the folios, shells, and Smart Covers available, but we reached out to accessory manufacturer, Incipio, to see if they could help us find the best iPad cases available. We had a chance to spend some time with some of Incipio's new offerings, and we'd like to share our thoughts and what we liked (or didn't).  

Slim Kickstand ($39.99)

This is as basic as folio cases get. This polycarbonate and vegan leather case keeps your iPad fully protected. An elastic strap is the method of choice for providing a secure closure. Pros: This case is very comfortable to hold. Slipping the elastic band on and off is satisfyingly easy, especially when you're in a hurry. The case's vegan leather cover looks great. Cons: When used as a stand, the grooves that hold your iPad in place are a bit too shallow, which causes the iPad to fall with the lightest of taps. You can't set this stand up to be used for an angled typing position. Verdict: This is a nice folio-style case that provides full protection of your iPad when closed and looks incredibly slick while doing so. However, it falls short in its execution as a stand.  

Flagship Folio ($69.99)

This case is made from a stiff polycarbonate with faux carbon fiber and brushed aluminum accents. The microfiber-lined cover works with the iPad's automatic sleep and wake functionality and also features eight notches to stand your iPad at just the right angle. Pros: As far as looks go, this may be Incipio's best. Fashion aside, the Flagship Folio functions as promised. Cons: If the case had been made of real carbon fiber, then it's price tag would be justifiable. While the addition of aluminum adds a sense of strength to the case, the hinge feels a bit cheap. There was a fair amount of left to right play at the base of the hinge on the unit we tested. Verdict: If its price doesn't bother you, the Flagship Folio is a decent choice to protect your iPad, despite its disappointing hinge.

LGND ($34.99)

The LGND puts a twist (or fold?) on folio cases. Its front cover can be folded into itself to be used as either a typing or display stand. Like the Flagship Folio, the LGND can also utilize the iPad's sleep/wake functions upon opening or closing the case. Pros: None. Cons: The idea of the LGND is nice; it's quirky and different. However, its execution is lacking and frankly, doesn't work well. The spine of this case is a flexible suede material that allows the cover to slip on the iPad's surface when closed. This causes your iPad to either wake or sleep unnecessarily if it's in a bag or being moved. When used as a stand, using your iPad will cause the case to pivot at its flexible spine. Verdict: The LGND is a good idea, but falls short in execution.  

Lexington ($39.99)

The base of the Lexington is a hard polycarbonate, which is covered with soft, vegan leather. The front cover features a tab that buckles into a tab on the backside to prove a secure closure. Other than providing complete protection for your iPad, the Lexington can also be used as a stand for display, as well as typing. Pros: Although the Lexington isn't much thicker than Incipio's other offerings, it feels much more solid than the rest. I would (almost) be okay with dropping it with my iPad inside. The case uses the same folded position for typing or displaying the iPad, both of which are at the perfect angles. Cons: None. Verdict: For its price, the Lexington provides the best protection and all-around features. Plus, it's quite the looker. All in all, Incipio has some solid candidates for your next iPad case, although we can't say for sure that any of these are must-have choices. These cases will get the job done, but none scream "perfect!" To see Incipio's other offerings, as well as a more detailed look at the cases we featured, visit their website. Of the iPad cases you've tried, what are some of your favorites?

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