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Protect The Innocent In Airport Scanner

Protect The Innocent In Airport Scanner

May 3, 2012
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Airport Scanner ($0.99) by Kedlin Company brings casual gaming to a different level. Airport security has been on high alert ever since the tragic day of 9/11. You have now joined up with the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) and are in charge of protecting all travelers.

Your job is to take control of the X-ray 2000 scanner, check to make sure no illegal items get past, and get the flights off the ground on time. Oh yeah, you also control the line of travelers too. You will need to get first-class travelers and the flight crew to the front of the line, while holding back other impatient travelers.

Airport Scanner by Kedlin Company screenshot

No, there are no strip searches in this game. Sorry if this is a bummer for some.

The travelers will place their luggage onto the conveyor belt as it heads into the scanner. You will watch the scanner’s screen to see if any illegal items are hidden in the luggage. If you notice anything, tap on the item and the guards will escort the traveler away and confiscate the item.

Don’t know what type of illegal items to look for? This game actually uses TSA’s list of illegal items and puts them into a logbook for you to look at. Also, keep your eye out for rare items, which can be tricky to spot.

If you let four illegal items pass through your scanner unnoticed, you will lose and all the flights will be delayed. You have some help on your side though. For every illegal item you confiscate, you will earn X-ray Bucks, which can be used to upgrade your scanner for better searches. Also, at the end of every level, you choose how harshly you punish the criminals depending on their illegal item. This will give you more upgrade bucks as well.

Airport Scanner by Kedlin Company screenshot

Even if Barack Obama came to this airport he’d get the wrath of my top-notch security. No one gets a free pass. Sorry Mr. President.

This game is fast-paced and becomes more and more challenging as you progress. The scanner upgrades help out tremendously, so spend your fake money wisely. Now, with your real money, make sure you buy this game from the App Store today. Your iOS device will pass through the scanner, so you can take this game on a plane.

Have you ever been personally searched at the airport?

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