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Use ArtScan To Find Out What The New Hotness Is All About

Use ArtScan To Find Out What The New Hotness Is All About

May 1, 2012
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Artscan ($1.99) by Art Scan Limited is an entertainment app that lets you take a picture of a poster in order to watch a movie trailer, or a record cover to listen to an album. Simply snap a picture to find out more about the band you are looking at right now.

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Have you ever been walking through the lobby of a movie theater when a poster caught your eye, but you didn’t know anything about the film? With ArtScan, all you would need to do is take a picture of the poster and the app will find a trailer on YouTube of it for your viewing pleasure. No need to type anything, search for anything or open multiple apps.

In addition to finding movie trailers for you to watch, the app can to the same thing with music. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been staring at an album from a band I’ve never heard of, but I don’t know if I want to risk trying something new without hearing the album first. Normally, I would have to open Safari on my iPhone and search for a band name, then album, then try to find a song from the album that I want to hear. With ArtScan, all you do is take a picture and the app does the rest of the work.

Once you have taken a picture of a movie or record cover, the information will be stored in you scan list for easy access. If you want to show your friend the trailer for that new movie you just found out about, it will be waiting for you in the scan list.

There are additional features that I had a lot of trouble figuring out. For example, you are supposed to be able to import a playlist from your iPod or Spotify Premium account, but when I tried to import my iPod’ playlists, nothing happened. There wasn’t even a button in the settings section for Spotify. You can create your own playlist, but it didn’t seem to do anything,

Hopefully, the developers will increase the data collection to cover more than just YouTube videos in the future, but even as-is, this app is useful and time-saving. At $1.99, it is a bit pricey considering the restrictions it has, but it is a good buy for people who want to have quick access to information about movies and music without having to search for it.

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