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Have You Always Wondered What It’s Like To Be A Zombie? Check Out Brainsss

Have You Always Wondered What It’s Like To Be A Zombie? Check Out Brainsss

May 5, 2012
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Brainsss ($2.99) by Lonely Few LLC is an innovative real time strategy game where you take control of a horde of zombies, directing them to chase down and attack vulnerable humans, turning the humans into zombie allies.

It’s no wonder zombies are so cranky. When you and I are hungry, our food just sits on a plate, waiting patiently to be eaten. Zombies aren’t so lucky. When they want a tasty snack, they have to chase down a panicked human; a human that certainly does not want to be caught.

Imagine not eating all day, then having to chase that slice of pizza three blocks before being able to eat it, and you’ll know what it’s like to be a zombie. Brainsss does a fantastic job of recreating the frustration that zombies must feel when hunting down those wily humans, because chasing down humans with your zombie horde in the game is a difficult task.

The touch controls in Brainsss work well. Two fingers control the camera, while a single finger controls selecting and attacking. You drag to select a group of zombies, and using a button on the bottom of the screen, you can split your selection in half. It would be preferable to have various attack formations, but I guess we can’t expect zombies to be that organized.

Brainsss by Lonely Few LLC screenshot

Attacking the humans milling around each level is done by tapping on them, which sends your zombie horde shambling towards each person. People do not sit still while zombies are hunting them down, and will run in any direction that they can, as fast as they can.

Humans are quicker than zombies, so creating detailed attack formations and flanking your prey is beneficial. It actually takes too much micromanagement to hunt down humans, and I wish that the zombies were more autonomous and able to lock onto a particular human and chase until death. At the very least, zombies need to be slightly more intelligent and roam the map, rather than standing still until commanded to move.

Every so often your rage meter will fill up, and when it’s full, you can tap it to give your zombies a burst of strength and speed. Levels aren’t an all you can eat buffet - there are also policeman and soldiers who are equipped with guns and prepared to use them on your zombie horde. You have to wait until you have a large group of zombies to kill them, then attack from behind, and make judicious use of your rage.

Brainsss by Lonely Few LLC screenshot

Levels have objectives, such as converting all humans, preventing the humans from escaping an area, or surviving until a timer runs out. When you complete a level you are rewarded with stars based on how long it took. You’ll have to be speedy to get all three stars.

You’re also rewarded with currency when you finish a level, and that money can be used to purchase perks that are good for a single level. This is a great gameplay addition that ensures you’ll never be stuck on a particularly tough level.

While the micromanagement in this game can be a bit overwhelming, it’s still a lot of fun to take on the role of the zombies rather than the humans. The graphics are simple but appealing, the concept is unique, and the gameplay is well thought out. If you’re a fan of strategy games or zombies, give Brainsss a try.

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