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All Bets Are Off In Deadmans Run, Win A Copy And Start Racing Now

All Bets Are Off In Deadmans Run, Win A Copy And Start Racing Now

May 2, 2012
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Deadmans Run ($0.99) by Nightfall Interactive is a racing game for the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch with the extra perk of also being a survival game that utilizes guns and explosive mines to increase the action as you speed through town. We’ve got five copies of this exciting game to give away, so get your racing fingers ready.

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Players start off at the settings screen where they can adjust the camera angle to suit their game style. You can use a fixed camera or a follow camera and adjust the height at which it shows the action. Players can also switch between a manual gas pedal or auto drive.

Once you’ve adjusted your game settings, your first race begins. Players compete against three other drivers who are loaded to the max with machine guns, explosive mines and tire-slashing knives that protrude from the wheel wells. While grouped up, the competition will try to destroy your car so that you can’t even finish the race. The best way to avoid damage is to either get ahead of the pack, or fall behind and take them down with your own weapons.

For each new race, players have three options. The first race is the easiest. Your opponents are less likely to turn your car into a fiery hunk of metal. The second has slightly more aggressive drivers. The third race offers the biggest payoff for winning, but also has the meanest competitors of the bunch.

Each race has a winning reward of funds that can be used to upgrade your chariot. Players earn money for placing first, second and third, but are left high-and-dry if they place last or get killed off before the race is over. Notoriety points are also earned for each race. The more notoriety you gain, the better upgrades you can get for your car.

The races are short and sweet and full of hairpin turns that make it difficult to maneuver, but oh so fun to play. Depending on how hard the competition is, you could find yourself being bombarded by bullets and bombs. In addition to three different race difficulties, there are also three different modes of play. The game is defaulted to the “Seasoned” difficulty level. However, I found that mode to be too hard when starting out and had to switch to “Rookie” until I learned the ropes better. To compete in “Veteran” mode, you’d better be ready to fight.

Once you make it to level 10, you start to unlock new cars with better capabilities. Players can also access the timed trial section of the game once they have unlocked their first new car.

The graphics are a bit on the low-end, especially for the Retina display screen. However, it does not deter from the enjoyment of the game. The only complaint I have is with the awkward controller. The left/right direction controller is very big, making it stretch uncomfortably toward the center. Because of this, it makes it difficult to use on the iPad. It would make a lot more sense to have a virtual joystick that takes up less room and is positioned better on the screen.

This is an exciting and action-packed universal game that racing fans will love. It is remarkably priced at only $0.99, which makes it a great buy for anyone looking for a racing game with a twist. We’ve got five copies of Deadmans Run to give away for free. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below by Thursday, May 3 at 11:59 p.m. CDT.

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