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Instant Drum Machine Found In InstaJam

Instant Drum Machine Found In InstaJam

May 21, 2012
InstaJam by Board Crushers icon

InstaJam ($0.99) by Board Crushers gives you a no fuss, no muss drum interface for your iPhone. Dubstep, 808, acoustic, and hip-hop beats are all at your fingertips.

Each mode has its own look, though they mostly share the same effects. For example, all of the modes have a kick, snare, and high hats. The difference in other options depends on the genre.

InstaJam by Board Crushers screenshot

Perhaps my favorite effect is hip-hop’s scratch, sounding loud and gritty. It especially works when combined with the smooth, clean kick sound. All of the sounds are sharp and crisp, and have a nice decay, which makes them sound authentic.

Instead of an actual drum kit, like in GarageBand, the interface is merely made up of big buttons. The similar buttons, for the most part, are located on the same space of the screen across the modes. The kick, your foundational effect, is always at the ready next to your right hand.

The acoustic mode is similar enough to a real drum kit (or like GarageBand’s), for those who may need to get familiar with the app. The 808 (named after the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer) also has traditional sounds and it also clocks in with the most effects at 13.

There’s no recording or looping options available, and there are no settings to modify, so this is basically a pared down drum machine.

What I really like about this app is how it can easily handle playing multiple sounds at once, and it can easily keep up with your tapping.

Those looking for a cool and simple drum machine will enjoy this app. By steering away from a model drum kit the app is arranged in order to increase playability.

Without playback or exporting options, this might not work if you’re looking to master a track. But it’s perfect for just sitting around and jamming.

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