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Luxor Evolved Is The Same Great Marble Popping Game You Love In An All New Package

Luxor Evolved Is The Same Great Marble Popping Game You Love In An All New Package

May 2, 2012
Luxor Evolved HD (Full) by MumboJumbo icon

Luxor Evolved HD (Full) ($4.99) by MumboJumbo is the latest in a long series of Luxor games, which are marble poppers where the goal is to clear all of the marbles on the screen before they can reach the exit.

This version of Luxor is unlike any of the Luxor games you’ve seen before, with its bright neon retro-style graphics, fast-paced music, and quick gameplay.

If you’ve never played Luxor or a similar marble shooter, you should know that the gameplay is fast and fun. You use a finger on the screen to line up your marble shooter, and then tap to hurl a colored marble at an ever advancing string of marbles. It’s a bit like a match three, but the gameplay is much faster and you’ll need to aim carefully to toss your marbles in the right spot.

I’ve played a lot of the Luxor games, and Luxor Evolved is hands down my new favorite. I love the neon vector graphics and the music that goes along with the game.

Luxor Evolved HD (Full) by MumboJumbo screenshot

The gameplay itself is similar to other Luxor games, but you’ll find that the entire game plays faster. There are power ups in all the Luxor games, but Luxor Evolved has quite a few more, and you’ll need to collect them with your marble shooter by dragging it along the screen to where the power up will land.

Power ups do everything from halting gameplay for a short amount of time to blowing up large groups of marbles. As always, destroying a chain of marbles results in bonus items to pick up for points.

There are more than 60 levels in this new edition of Luxor and each one gets more difficult as you progress, until it’s a wild, marble flinging frenzy. As you play and score points you will unlock new power ups (there are 20 in all) and secret levels to play for even more points.

Luxor Evolved HD (Full) by MumboJumbo screenshot

The game has Game Center integration with achievements and leaderboards so you can compare scores with your friends. Luxor Evolved may have a premium price tag at $4.99, but you’re getting a premium game for the price.

I didn’t run into any bugs and I didn’t find anything I disliked about the game. It was pure fun from the time that I fired it up, and this is a title that I’d recommend, especially to those of you who enjoy marble shooting games.

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